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Recycling And Reuse of Construction And Demolition Waste

What is construction and demolition waste? The construction and demolition waste can be referred to as C&D waste, which refers to the slag, waste concrete, waste masonry and other wastes generated in the production activities of people engaged in demolition, construction, decoration, repair and other construction industries. With the development of the economy, people’s living … Read more

Difference Between 6 Common Stone Crusher Machines

different crusher machines

With the gradual depletion of natural sand and gravel resources, and the strong demand for infrastructure construction, there is an increasing demand for artificial sand and gravel aggregates. Therefore, in recent years, the stone crusher machines are highly sought after by customers, and its market prospect is very good. There are many different types of … Read more

Concrete Pump Blockage – Causes and Measures

CPD40 stationary pump service

In the process of concrete pumping construction, the problem of concrete pump blockage will inevitably occur. If the blockage problem cannot be solved effectively in time, it will not only affect the construction process, but also lead to the degradation of project quality. Therefore, it requires the operator to find the concrete pump problems in time … Read more

Concrete Pumping Machine – Types and How to Select

CPD40 customers and engineers

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment that continuously conveys concrete using the pipes. With the development of the construction industry, there is a growing demand for concrete pumps. Next, I will briefly introduce the types of concrete pumping machine and how to choose a suitable pump for your project. Table of Contents Different types … Read more


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