Concrete Pumping Machine

Concrete pumping machine is the equipment that is used to pumping concrete to the specific site. With the widespread use of concrete, the concrete pumping concrete becomes more and more popular. Compared with the conventional equipment for pumping concrete, this concrete pump machine for sale not only improve the working efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity and labor cost. This concrete pump equipment for sale plays an important role in the road construction, building construction and other projects. As a reputable and reliable pump machine manufacturer, our Daswell Machinery has been committed to provide you with better products and better service. Please don’t hesitate to choose our company if you need this equipment.

30m concrete pumping machine
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Types of concrete pumps

The types of concrete pumps are various. Because different clients have different needs, the concrete pump manufacturers continuously develop and improve their pumps. So different types of concrete pump for sale appears on the market. Now, the types of concrete pump machine available on the market include concrete mixer and pump, trailer mounted concrete pump, small portable concrete pump sale, concrete boom pump for sale, concrete pump truck, diesel concrete pumps sale, etc. When you want to invest in a concrete pump, you need to learn different pumps firstly.

According to its function, if you need a concrete pump equipment combining the function of stirring and pumping concrete in one machine, you should invest in the concrete mixer and pump. The trailer pump for sale is a good choice for you if you just need to convey the concrete. If you need a machine that has its own chassis and can be moved easily, maybe the concrete boom pump or concrete pump truck is suitable for you. In addition, you need to consider the driven engine of your concrete pumping machine for sale, and ensure whether you need the diesel engine or electric motor.

25m pumpcrete sale machine

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CPE30 concrete trailer pump

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How far can concrete be pumped

When you purchase the concrete pumping equipment for sale, you should ensure the type and model of your machine. And then you also need to check our the parameter of the pump. You can know the pump in detail through the parameter table. Different types and specifications of the concrete pumping equipment has different pumping distance.

As we all know, the pumping distance includes the horizontal pumping distance and the vertical pumping distance. Let’s take the trailer pump as an example. CPD series concrete pumps for sale is the diesel engine pump. Like CPD40, its maximum theoretic vertical pumping distance is 150m and its horizontal pumping distance is 400m. Compared with CPD40, the vertical pumping distance of the CPD90 is 350m and its horizontal pumping distance is 1350m.

If you need a concrete boom pump, the lengths of its concrete placing boom determines the distance it pumps. Of course, in addition, you also should notice these parameters: the delivery volume, the engine brand, its hopper capacity, its power, etc.

Therefore, when you pick out your concrete pumping sales and equipment, you need to pay more attention to its parameter.

working of the concrete pump for sale
concrete pump for road construction

DHBT40 the mixer drum of concrete pump
its mixer drum
DHBT40 concrete pumps sale
DMP40 diesel engine mixer pump

Parameter Unit DMP40


kw Weichai diesel engine; 66kw
Whole machine Length mm 4500
Width mm 1850
Height mm 1950
Weight kg 4000
Mixer Mixer model / JZM450
Theoretical mixing capacity m3/h 15-25
Maximum aggregate size mm 40
Working cycle time s 72
Feeding height mm 1400
Hopper capacity m3 0.65
Pumping system Theoretical pumping capacity m3/h 30
Theoretical pumping pressure MPa 8
Delivery cylinder / 200*800
Hydraulic system / Open
Distribution valve / S valve
System pressure MPa 28
Delivery pipe diameter mm 125

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How much does a concrete pump cost

How much does a concrete pump cost? This is a question that most of customers are concerned. Most of customers want to know the concrete pumping machine price in order that they can compare different prices and plan their purchase budget.

Before purchasing the machine, you can inquire the price of concrete and pump produced by different manufacturers. You can not only compare their prices, but also learn the strengths of different manufacturers. There are many factors that can have an effect on the concrete pump cost, such as, the types and specification, the configuration, the manufacturer, the after-sale service, etc. So this requires you to consider all of these factors.

However, the concrete pump price is not the only factor that determines whether you buy a machine or not. If the price is too low, the quality of the concrete pumping machines may have a big problem. Bad quality machine maybe will reduce your original purchase cost, but it will increase your maintenance cost later.

CPD30 concrete pump for sale
CPD30 diesel engine trailer pump

CPD60 internal structure of concrete pumping machine
control cpanel of concrete pumping machine

Item CPD30
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 30
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 62
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) 112

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How does a concrete pump work

Because of its simple structure, the operation and maintenance of the pumping machine and concrete is easy. Of course, its working principle is also simple. In general, when you receive your pump, you also can get its chart and operational guidance. The working principle of different pumps are different. If you choose our company to get your concrete pump machine for sale, we not only send you the operational guidance, but also send our engineers to help you train your operators.

As a hot sale product, sometimes the concrete pump for sale needs to be used with other mechanical equipment. Like the trailer mounted pump for sale, it can work with the concrete mixer machine, but also the concrete mixer truck. When you have already had a mixer machine, you just need a trailer pump to deliver the concrete from the mixer.

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Concrete pumping equipment suppliers

Our Daswell Machinery is a reliable and reputable concrete pump supplier. We know that there are lots of concrete pump suppliers on the market. But you can distinguish whether a manufacturer is reliable.

production factory of concrete pumping machine
our production factory

Our Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd has accumulated over 30 years production and sales experience. We have our own production factory. And we also have our professional production team, sales team, engineer team and service team. When you meet some troubles, you can contact us at any time. Moreover, in order to serve our customers better, we set up our branch office at abroad, including Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.

Besides the rich production experience, we also have rich experience in exporting. Up to now, our concrete pumping equipment has been exported to over 60 countries, including Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, South Africa, etc. The most important thing is that our customers speak highly of our product.

In summary, if you need a concrete pumping machine, welcome to leave your message to us and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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