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Diesel Concrete Pump For Sale

As its name suggests, diesel concrete pump for sale is powered primarily by diesel fuel. So its use will reduce the restriction of electric power on the use area and site. Even in rural or mountainous areas such as voltage instability, the diesel engine concrete pump can work normally. Moreover, adopting the diesel engine as the driven power makes this pump have strong adaptability. According to its function, the concrete pump diesel consumption includes mixer pump and trailer pump. You can select a right one depending on your demand. Welcome to contact us now if you are interested,

DHBT40 diesel concrete pump for sale
diesel concrete mixer with pump

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CPE30 concrete trailer pump sale
diesel concrete trailer pump

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Latest cases

Up to now, our Daswell Machinery company has exported many sets of diesel concrete pumps to abroad, such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc. As for as diesel concrete mixer with pump are concerned, the more popular model is DMP40. As for the diesel concrete trailer pump, that is CPD40 and CPD60. After we receive the message from our customers, our salesman will contact them quickly. Here are some latest cases for your reference. If you are interested, you can visit our office or our products in local area.

DHBT40 diesel concrete mixer pump
DMP40 diesel mixer pump in Philippines

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CPD40 diesel concrete pump to Vanuatu
CPD40 trailer pump
transport CPD40 pump
transport to Vanuatu

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CPD40 diesel engine concrete pump
CPD40 diesel engine pump
CPD40 diesel engine pump for sale
debug the pump in Philippines

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Features of diesel concrete pump for sale

Powerful power system

The diesel engine adopts international famous brand with reliable performance and strong power. Moreover, its original pump group is characterized in long service life, high controlling precision, low failure rate, and low system heat value.

Stable hydraulic system

One open loop respectively equipped on double pumps is a classic designed hydraulic circuit for the double pumps. Because each working system can be supported by separated oil pump. In addition, its service life of each hydraulic system can be validly increased, energy can be saved, and fever on the system can be mitigated.

Excellent pumping system

The pumping capacity of portable diesel concrete mixer with pump can be adjusted infinitely. Customers can easily change the volume of pumping according to the specific situation of the construction, so as to meet the needs of different projects.

Humanized electronic control system

Distribution box can be controlled by wireless remote controller, so that unnecessary manual work can be reduced and the operation features is the best.

DHBT40 diesel concrete pump with mixer
DMP40 diesel concrete pump with mixer

DHBT40 diesel concrete mixer with pump parts
control cpanel of concrete pump machine
concrete mixer with pump component

Parameter Unit DMP40


kw Weichai diesel engine; 66kw
Whole machine Length mm 4500
Width mm 1850
Height mm 1950
Weight kg 4000
Mixer Mixer model / JZM450
Theoretical mixing capacity m3/h 15-25
Maximum aggregate size mm 40
Working cycle time s 72
Feeding height mm 1400
Hopper capacity m3 0.65
Pumping system Theoretical pumping capacity m3/h 30
Theoretical pumping pressure MPa 8
Delivery cylinder / 200*800
Hydraulic system / Open
Distribution valve / S valve
System pressure MPa 28
Delivery pipe diameter mm 125

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DHBT50 diesel concrete mixer pump
diesel concrete mixer pump

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Specifications for your choose

Because the diesel concrete pump for sale includes mixer pump and trailer pump, you can know their different specifications in order to purchase a right machine.

Usually, the common model of diesel concrete pump with mixer is DMP40. This means that its theoretical pumping capacity is 40m3/h. According to our sales experience, DMP40 diesel concrete mixer pump is one of the most popular model on the market. Of course, besides DHBT40, we also produce other models like DMP30, DMP50 and so on. If you have any extra requirement, you can talk to our sales staff in advance. We can adjust our machines according to our customer’s requirements.

The specifications of diesel concrete trailer pump includes CPD30, CPD40, CPD50, CPD60, CPD80 and CPD90. Their maximum theoretic delivery volume ranges from 30m3/h to 90m3/h. Moreover, these diesel trailer concrete pumps have different horizontal pumping distance and vertical pumping distance. Our diesel engine concrete pumps are equipped with pipes of sufficient length, which can help you deliver the concrete to the specific site.

Item CPD30
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 30
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 62
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) 112

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CPD40 product
CPD40 to Vanuatu
transport the trailer pump

Item CPD40-10-66
 Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h) 35
Total power (kw) 66 Weichai engine
Max. aggregate size (mm) 40
Outlet pressure (MPa) 10
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm) Φ230*800
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.5
Delivery pipe diameter (mm) Φ125
Concrete slump 160~220
Overall dimension (mm) 4500×1850×1750
Total weight (kg) 3400

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Daily maintenance for diesel concrete pump

Daily maintenance is important for increasing the service life of diesel concrete mixer with pump for sale. The maintenance for diesel concrete pump for sale includes pumping unit maintenance, hydraulic and lubrication system maintenance and so on. The details are as follows.

For pumping unit: Fill the lubricating oil tank and lubrication points with grease each shift, and fill the water tank with clear water; Check whether the function of electrical components are normal every shift.

For hydraulic system: Use the hydraulic oil recommended by our company. Don’t use other oil or mix oils of different brands; Check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system, whether the oil tank cover seal is loose and it makes the water and air come into.

For lubrication system: In the pumping unit, mixing unit and so on, there are many moving parts that need to be lubricated regularly to ensure efficient and long working life. Therefore, for different lubricate point, the use and replacement of the lubricant/grease is different.

CPD60 machine
debug the machine

Item CPD60-13-130
Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h) 81/59
Total power (kw) 130 Weichai engine
Max. aggregate size (mm) 40
Outlet pressure (MPa) 9/13
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm) Φ200*1800
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.8
Delivery pipe diameter (mm) Φ125
Concrete slump 160~220
Overall dimension (mm) 6300×2100×2350
Total weight (kg) 6300

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CPD90 machine
Item CPD90-18-176
Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h) 88/57
Total power (kw) 176 Cummins engine
Max. aggregate size (mm) 40
Outlet pressure (MPa) 11/18
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm) Φ200*1600
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.8
Delivery pipe diameter (mm) Φ125
Concrete slump 160~220
Overall dimension (mm) 6300×2100×2350
Total weight (kg) 6900

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What should you do before starting your pump?

Operation of small diesel concrete mixer pump must be carried out according to the operation rules. If the operation is improper, the person and machine may be damaged. Before starting your pump, there is some preparatory work to be done by the operator.

When the diesel concrete pump for sale is in place, ensure that the support pressure on the construction ground is sufficient to place the pump. If necessary, cushion blocks can be placed to increase the support surface. In addition, the pump should be placed in a horizontal position.

Pipeline layout of trailer diesel concrete pump should be laid in accordance with the principle of the shortest distance and minimum elbow. What’s more, pipe is disposed near the person so that cleaning and replacing concrete pipe are convenient. The pipelines must be connected firmly and stably. And a firm fixing point should be set at the elbow to avoid shaking and loosening of the pipelines during pumping.

CPD40 conveying machine
CPD40 equipment
work for the building construction

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working of the pump
work for the road construction
work for the road construction

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As a experienced diesel concrete pump manufacturer, our company provides you with various of machines. Besides diesel engine pump, you also can choose concrete mixer pump, trailer concrete pump, small portable concrete pump, concrete boom pump and so on. Moreover, we promise to offer you the most favorable diesel concrete mixer pump price.

If you want to request for its quote or you have any demand, welcome to contact us! You can get our reply in 24 hours!

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