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Hammer Crusher Machine

The hammer crusher machine is a kind of crusher machine and becomes more and more popular in recent years. Because of its large crushing ratio, convenient operation and strong crushing force, it occupies a large proportion in the field of crushing equipment. The raw materials the hammer crusher for sale can crush include limestone, coal gangue, coal, pebble, limestone, gypsum, brick, glass, bluestone and more than 200 other materials. Moreover, the crushed materials are widely used in the building materials, mines, water conservancy, highway and other fields. Because the hammer mill crusher for sale has different specifications for your choose, welcome to contact us and get some professional suggestions.

the daswell machinery hammer mill grinder
hammer crusher machine
the daswell hammer crusher machine
hammer mill grinder

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Classifications of hammer crusher

The hammer rock crusher includes small hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher according to its production capacity. Due to their different structure, they also have very different capacities.

The production capacity of small hammer mill rock machine ranges from 3t/h to 55t/h. Usually, it can break medium strength, that is, less than 100MPa of brittle materials, such as shale, coal, siltstone and so on. Small hammer mill stone crusher adopts special cavity structure, so that the hammer head can crush the raw materials with the best state, so its load is stable and low power consumption. Moreover, we use wear-resistant materials to make wear parts, thus extending their service life and reducing the frequency of maintenance.

The productivity of heavy hammer stone crusher can reach 80t/h to 3000t/h, more suitable for these medium and large size of construction projects. Its compressive strength can reach 200MPa, and it can be used to break medium hardness materials, such as limestone, gypsum, coal and so on.

You can choose right crusher machine according to the needs of your projects. If you have any needs, welcome to contact us now!

the hammer head
the hammer head
the internal structure of hammer crusher
its internal structure

the daswell hammer mill crusher
small size hammer crusher
the daswell machinery hammer mill crusher
small hammer mill crusher

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Advantages of hammer mill crusher

  1. Large crushing ratioand good grain shape of finished product. Because of our large hammer breaking ratio, more than 90% of the broken material is formed to less than 50mm at one time. And the finished product has good grain shape, mostly polygons, less needles.
  2. Simple operation. Our hammer mill grindershave a high degree of automation, automatic oil filling and intelligent online monitoring, which makes the machine maintenance more convenient and reduces the labor intensity of workers.
  3. Low consumption and energy saving. Our hammer crusher machine can save the energy more than 50% than the same type of products. This can reduce your running cost.
  4. The use of wear-resistant material can reduce the wear of the lining plate and increase the service time.
  5. The body of hammer for crusheradopts sealing structure, which well solves the problem of dust pollution and dust leakage in the crushing workshop.
  6. Easy maintenance. It can work continuously and reduce downtime.

the small hammer crusher
small hammer mill

small hammer crusher for sale
small hammer mill grinder

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Its parameter table

Check out the parameter table of hammer crushers before you purchase it in order that you can get the most suitable one. There are some aspects you need to notice.

First of all, you need to notice its feeding size and output size. The feeding size is related with your raw materials. So you should know the size of your raw materials. Then is the production capacity. The production capacity of hammer mill crushers you choose depends on the actual demand of your projects. If your construction project is not very large, the small size hammer mill grinders totally can meet your needs. Finally, you also should choose a hammer crusher machine with suitable power.

If you have any questions about selecting the hammer mill rock crusher, welcome to contact us for consultation.

transport the hammer crusher
transport the hammer mill crusher to abroad

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Model Rotor specification(mm) Feeding size(mm) Output size(mm) Capacity(t/h) for crushing limestone Motor power(kw)
FHC-20 Φ800×400 <100 Average<3 20 30-37
FHC-30 Φ800×600 <100 Average<3 30 37-45
FHC-40A Φ800×900 <100 Average<3 40 45-55
FHC-40 Φ1000×800 <120 Average<3 40 45-55
FHC-50 Φ1000×900 <120 Average<3 50 55-75
FHC-60 Φ1000×1000 <120 Average<3 60 75-90
FHC-70 Φ1000×1250 <120 Average<3 70 90-110
FHC-80 Φ1250×1000 <150 Average<3 80 90-110
FHC-100 Φ1250×1250 <150 Average<3 110 110-132

How does a hammer crusher work?

Hammer crusher mainly depends on the impact to break the materials. The crushing process is as follows: The material fed into the hammer mill crusher is first crushed by the impact of the high-speed moving hammer head, and at the same time, it obtains kinetic energy, and flies to the crushing plate on the inner wall of the casing at high speed to be crushed again. The material smaller than the gap between the grate bars is discharged out of the machine, and the material blocks larger than the gap between the grate bars are again impacted and ground on the grate bar until they are smaller than the gap between the grate bars and then discharged.

The hammer crusher machine is equipped with a rotor. There are many hammers installed on the rotor. The hammers need to be replaced after a certain period of time. The replacement time varies according to the hardness of the material to be crushed. The greater the hardness, the more frequently hammer is changed.

good quality hammer crusher
god quality hammer mill

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Inquiry for its price

If you need a hammer crusher for sale, welcome to choose our Daswell Machinery. Our company has always adhere to the principle of providing our customers with high quality machine at the competitive price. If you choose us, our salesman will spare no effort to help you pick up a right hammer mill grinder for your projects. Wanna to know the hammer crusher price? Click the button and leave your message to us. We promise that we will reply you as soon as possible.

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