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Small Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

The demand of small portable asphalt plant for sale has always been strong. I suppose that there are two main reasons. One is the convenient transportation and installation. The other is little investment and quick returns. Our small portable asphalt plant takes the aggregate, filler, bitumen, etc as its raw materials, which can produce high-quality asphalt mixture. Nowadays, whether it is rural or urban, there are higher requirements for road construction. Therefore, investing in a better small portable asphalt mixing plant is wise. If you have any question about this machine, welcome to consult us at any time. We are pleased to be at your service.

MADP40 series small asphalt batch plantMADP40 small asphalt plant
MADP40 drum mix type small plant

MADP40 small portable asphalt plant for sale
MADP40 small asphalt mixing plant for sale

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Features of small portable asphalt plant

  1. Compact structure and small footprint. Even if in the narrow areas or mountainous areas, you also can move and install your portable asphalt plant for sale
  2. Equipped with a removable chassis, its main parts are fixed to the chassis, easy to tow away with a trailer truck.
  3. The gradation hopperof portable hot mix asphalt plant is equipped with a weighing sensor and variable frequency motor. The frequency converter can control the cold aggregate ratio remotely, so that the cold aggregate ratio is more accurate.
  4. High production efficiency, reliable performance, easy maintenance, long service life, simple operation, low initial investment, etc.
  5. Drying and heating are carried out in a cylinder, which not only reduces heat loss, but also reduces the floor space of theportable asphalt batch plant.
  6. Short trading cycles.After you place the order, from the factory production, to shipping, installation and training, it usually only takes three or four months. If you have some special requirements for the machine, the production cycle may take several days longer.

MADP20 small portable asphalt plant

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Different series for your choose

The small portable asphalt plants for sale includes several series. Now I will introduce these different plants briefly for your reference.

MADP – Drum Mix Portable Asphalt Plant

Drum mix small asphalt plant for sale is also named continuous mix asphalt plant because it can produce the asphalt mixture continuously. This can greatly improve the production efficiency of this small portable asphalt plant for sale. It is more fit for those projects of county road construction. Moreover, it is also often used in rainy areas.

MADP60 small portable asphalt plant for sale
MADP60 small asphalt mixing plant
drum mix plant

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Model Capacity(t/h) Weighing Accuracy Total Power(kw) Fuel Consumption(kg/h)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
MADP20 20 ±1.5% ±1% 40 10 5.5-7
MADP40 40 ±1.5% ±1% 75 10-13 5.5-7
MADP60 60 ±1.5% ±1% 128 10-13 5.5-7
MADP80 80 ±1.5% ±1% 165 10-13 5.5-7
MADP100 100 ±1.5% ±1% 200 10-13 5.5-7

MAPQ – Forced Mix Small Asphalt Plant

Compare with the above kind of small asphalt batching plant, this plant is equipped with a mixer machine. This mixer machine is double horizontal shaft mixer that can stir the materials more evenly. It is mostly used for the construction of secondary pavement. What’s more, its production capacity ranges from 10t/h to 80t/h.

MADP series small asphalt plant
MAPQ series

MADP small portable asphalt plant
MADP small asphalt mixing plant

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Model MAPQ-10 MAPQ-20 MAPQ-30 MAPQ-40 MAPQ-60 MAPQ-80
Capacity(t/h) 10 20 30 40 60 80
Overall Power Fuel Oil(kw) 41.5 63.5 104.5 125 157.5 200
Fuel Coal(kw) 57.5 86.5 127.5 169 205 276
Aggregate Feeder 2.3m3×3 2.3m3×3 5m3×3 5m3×3 5m3×3 5m3×3
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin 2t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃(adjustable)
Fuel Consumption Diesel: 5-7.5kg/t; Coal: 13-15kg/t
Optional Components Water dust collector; Baghouse collector; control room; Bitumen heating tank

MAPS – Drying Drum And Mixing Drum Connect Each Other

This series of portable asphalt mixing plant includes drying drum and mixing drum that they connect with each other, low energy loss and saving energy. The drying drum is to drying aggregates, and the mixing drum is to stir materials. It is generally used for road maintenance.

MAPS small asphalt plant for sale
MAPS series small asphalt plant

MAPS small asphalt plant
MAPS portable plant

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Model MAPS-8 MAPS-10 MAPS-15 MAPS-20 MAPS-30
Capacity(t/h) 8 10 15 20 30
Overall Power Fuel Oil(kw) 23.7 24.3 33 46.5 60
Fuel Coal(kw) 40 41 54 70 90.3
Aggregate Feeder 2.3m3×3 2.3m3×3 2.3m3×3 2.3m3×3 5m3×3
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin 5t 5t 5t 5t 9t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃(adjustable)
Fuel Consumption Diesel: 5-7.5kg/t; Coal: 13-15kg/t
Optional Components Water dust collector; Baghouse collector; control room; Bitumen heating tank

Components of small asphalt plants

The portable hot mix plant has simple structure. Its components includes cold aggregate feeding system, bitumen tank, burner, drying and mixing drum, finished asphalt elevator, finished asphalt silo, control system, dust collector and so on. There are some optional components, water dust collector, baghouse dust collector, control room and bitumen heating tank. Our engineers can provide you with suitable configuration according to the situation of your site.

The burner heats the bitumen directly. You can use diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, coal, etc to providing power for the burner. For different dedusting methods, they have different effects and features. The water dust collector is cheap. If your budget is small, or the standards for environmental protection in your local area are not very high, you can select it. On the contrary, you need to choose the baghouse dust collector. The powder it recycles can be reused.

components of small portable asphalt plant
the components of portable asphalt mixing plant

Guarantee the quality of finished asphalt mixture

What is the good asphalt mixtures? It includes three aspects: one is proper material proportion including aggregates, powder and bitumen; two is the asphalt mixture are evenly mixed, the binder is well wrapped, and there is no segregation; last is The temperature of the asphalt mixture is controlled in a suitable range.

Therefore, in order to produce high-quality and qualified asphalt mixtures, operators need to pay attention to the following aspects. Determine the ratio of different materials through repeated tests. Our small portable asphalt plant for sale is equipped with a fully automatic control system, which can be set through the control panel to obtain the correct mix ratio. In addition, the temperature of asphalt mixture directly affects the quality of paving and the quality of the final pavement. So monitor the temperature of finished product at any time during production and transportation, and provide feedback to control the temperature.

transport the batching machine
transport to Philippines

transport MADP40 to Philippines
transport the control syetem
the control system

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About Our Daswell Machinery

Our Daswell Machinery produces different types and models of small asphalt mixing plants for our customers, such as stationary asphalt batching plant, drum mix asphalt plant, hot mix asphalt plant for sale, mobile asphalt mixing plant and so on. We hope that if choose our company, you can get a satisfied machine from us. From the selection of portable asphalt drum mix plant, to the configuration, transportation, installation and debugging, you can enjoy considerate service from our company.

If you are looking for a small portable asphalt plant for sale or trustworthy manufacturer, choose our Daswell Machinery without hesitate. We will reply you in 24 hours.

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