Debug The DMP50 Diesel Engine Mixer Pump In Philippines

DHBT50 mixer and pump

After the customer receives our products, our engineers arrive at the customer’s site in time to help the customer install and debug the DMP50 concrete mixer with pump. For the concrete pumping machine, the connection of pipes is vital.

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Transport 120T Bolted Cement Silo To Mexico

120t bolted silo to Mexico

Congratulations! Our Daswell Machinery transported two sets of 120t bolted cement silos to Mexico. Because the bolted cement silo is convenient to transpot and use, it is the best-selling silo. Up to now, we have exported the bolted silo to Mexico, Columbia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

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A Set Of 13m Mobile Placing Boom To Chile

HGY13 mobile boom

The mobile placing boom is popular since it appears on the market. Not long ago, we sent a set of 13m mobile placing boom to Chile. Different from the concrete boom pump, the mobile placing boom doesn’t have the chassis. But is also can move easily.

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Daswell Delivers WL938 Wheel Loader To Philippines


Two months ago, our Daswell Machinery delivered a set of WL938 wheel loader to Philippines. At present, this wheel loader works normally. Because we have professional team that is responsible for the whole trading process, our customers can get a high-quality machine.

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DMP50 Concrete Mixer Pump And CPD40 Trailer Pump To Philippines

DHBT50 concrete pumping machine

On May, 20, 2021, our Daswell Machinery transported a set of DMP50 concrete mixer with pump and a set of CPD40 trailer pump to Philippines. Both concrete pumps are equipped with 100 meters of pipes, which can deliver the concrete to further distances. If you are interested, welcome to inquiry now!

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