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Mobile Concrete Batch Plants

Mobile concrete batch plants is a concrete production equipment integrating loading, weighing, lifting and mixing. These core components are mounted on a trailer, which is easy to move from one construction site to another. So if your construction period is short or the construction line is length and you need to transfer your plant frequently, buying the mobile concrete batching plant is an ideal choice for you. Moreover, it is also easy to remove and install the mobile batch plants because you don’t need to lay the foundation in advance. This will shorten the whole construction period. If you are interested in our mobile concrete plants, welcome to contact us now!

YHZS25 mobile concrete batch plants
MCBP25 mobile plant works in Philippines

YHZS25 mobile cement mixing plant philippines
mobile plant

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Advantages of mobile concrete plant

  1. Compact structure. Besides the cement silo, screw conveyor, etc, the main parts are installed on the trailer, which is convenient to move and install. And our mobile concrete batching plant for saleis equipped with the good tires and traction pins, the trailer can move at a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.
  2. Excellent stirring performance. The mobile concrete batch mix plantadopts twin shaft concrete mixer machine which has the features of evenly and high efficient stirring. For hard, semi-hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete, double horizontal shaft mixer machine can achieve the good mixing.
  3. Advanced control system. Our mobile concrete mixing plantis equipped with advanced PLC plus computer control system. You can control the plant automatically or manually, which is simple to learn.
  4. The core components of reducer, measurement sensor and control system are all internationally famous brand components, with low failure rate and high measurement accuracy. These features guarantee the quality of concrete produced by our mobile concrete batch plants.
  5. Our mobile concrete plant for salehas wide use on the railway construction, road construction, port construction, bridge construction and so on.
YHZS35 mobile concrete batching plant
YHZS35 mobile type plant
mobile plant works in Russia

Model MCBP35
Capacity(m3/h) 35
Concrete mixer model TCM750
Mixing power(kw) 30
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.75
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 2×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 3.8
Total power(kw) 55

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control system of the YHZS35
control system
the screw conveyor
screw conveyor

Specifications of mobile batching plant

When you need to buy a mobile concrete mixer plant, you should pay more attention to its specification. That is because its specifications determine its production capacity. The models of our Daswell mobile batching plant for sale include MCBP25, MCBP35, MCBP50, MCBP75 and MCBP100. In addition, we also have another model for those smaller construction projects, namely, YHZM25.

Different specifications of mobile cement plant have different configurations. Let’s take the MCBP25 as an example. The MCBP25 is equipped with the TCM500 concrete mixer machine. Actually, the production capacity of mobile concrete batch plants depends on the volume of the mixer machine. The production capacity of MCBP25 is 25m3/h. Of course, besides the concrete mixer machine, you also can choose the suitable concrete batch machine, cement silo, screw conveyor and so on.

For these standard models of mobile batch plant concrete, they all have their corresponding configurations. But if you have any extra requirement, like you need more kinds of raw materials, you can tell our salesman. We also can customize your plant for your projects.

mobile mix plant
Model MCBP25
Capacity(m3/h) 25
Concrete mixer model TCM500
Mixing power(kw) 18.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 2×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 3.8
Total power(kw) 40

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mobile batch mix plant
Model MCBP50
Capacity(m3/h) 50
Concrete mixer model TCM1000
Mixing power(kw) 18.5×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 1
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 75

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mobile concrete plant
Model MCBP75
Capacity(m3/h) 75
Concrete mixer model TCM1500
Mixing power(kw) 30×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 1.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×8
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 105

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Minimize your mobile concrete batching plant price

As we all know, the mobile concrete mixing plant price doesn’t depend on the only one factor. There are many factors that jointly determine the price of mobile mixing plant. Here are some tips for minimizing your mobile batching plant price.

Selecting a right specification of mobile concrete batch mix plant is important. If your construction project is not very big, you can buy a small size mobile concrete mixing plant for sale. Its production capacity is enough to meet the demand for your project. So don’t pick out the larger size of the mobile concrete batching plant than the demand of your projects.

In addition, the service life and failure rate of concrete batching plant mobile also can affect its price. High-quality mobile concrete batching plants have longer service life, so it can help earn more money and reduce your maintenance cost. Choose our Daswell Machinery, our salesman will spare no effort to help you buy a satisfied mobile batching plants for sale with the competitive price.

YHZS100 mobile concrete batching plant for sale
YHZS100 mobile concrete mix plant

YHZS100 mobile type plant
YHZS100 mobile batch plant
work in Philippines

Model MCBP100
Capacity(m3/h) 100
Concrete mixer model TCM2000
Mixing power(kw) 37×2
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 2
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×10
Walking speed(km/h) 20
Discharge height(m) 4
Total power(kw) 135

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How to get a mobile plant from our Daswell company?

Our Daswell Machinery is a well-known concrete plant supplier with rich experience. We have accumulated over 30 years production and exportation experience. After you look through our website and are interested in our mobile concrete batch plants, how can you get the plant from our company?

You can leave your message to us. Our salesman will reply you as soon as possible because we can provide you with 7*24 hour service. Then they will communicate you about the detailed information of the mobile concrete plants that you need. If you have any requirement, you can tell them at any time. If you think our company is reliable and ensure the model of your mobile concrete mixer plant, you will sign a contract. There are different payment ways for your selection.

You don’t worry about its installation and debugging. We can offer you the complete after-sale service. No matter what problem you meet, contact us and we can help you deal with it.

YHZM25 mobile portable plant
YHZS25A mobile plant
smaller type

Model MCBP25A
Capacity(m3/h) 25
Concrete mixer model DME500
Mixing power(kw) 2×5.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3) 0.5
Max. Aggregate Size ≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3) 4×3.5
Walking speed(km/h) 40
Discharge height(m) 1.7
Total power(kw) 58

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Common questions about the mobile concrete batch plants

Here are some common questions about the mobile concrete batch plants.

Q: The components of the mobile concrete plant for sale.

A: Its components includes chassis, control room, aggregate batching measurement machine, peripheral parts like cement silo and screw conveyor, etc. The mixer machine, water and additional weighing system and so on are placed on the chassis.

Q: How long is the warranty on the mobile batching plants?

A: In general, the warranty of our plant is one year. During the warranty period, if there are any problems with our products, not including human factors, we can guarantee repair for free.

Q: Show us the successful cases about this plant.

A: Up to now, our Daswell mobile concrete mixing plants have been exported to many countries, such as, Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc. We can show you these successful cases. Moreover, we also set up our branch office in Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. You can enjoy more better service.

All in all, if you plan to get a good mobile concrete batch plants or you have any question about this machine, welcome to contact us now! We are willing to help you get a suitable machine.

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