Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

The concrete boom pump for sale is a pumping machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of the car, and then mounted with a telescopic or flexion cloth rod, which constitutes the boom concrete pump for sale. Due to its chassis, the concrete boom pump can easily move among several construction sites, greatly reducing the transportation time. So more and more customers are willing to invest in a concrete boom pump truck for sale for their projects. Up to now, our concrete boom truck has become popular in Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. Get its quotes here if you need it!

21m concrete pump boom
21m boom pump
Model 21m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 50/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 21-3R
Max. Placing Height (m) 21
Horizontal Distance (m) 17.5
Placing Depth (m) 7.5

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25m boom pump for concrete
25m pumpcrete sale machine
concrete boom truck

Model 25m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 50/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 25-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 25
Horizontal Distance (m) 21
Placing Depth (m) 14.4

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Its models and applications

The model and specification of concrete boom truck for sale mainly depends on its chassis and the lengths of its concrete placing boom. As a professional concrete boom pump truck manufacturer, our Daswell Machinery has been committed to providing customers with satisfactory products.

In the beginning, we just provide the small size of concrete pump boom for sale. Its models includes 21m, 25m, 29m, 33m and 37m. But later, in order to meet the needs of more clients, we also produce the large size of boom pump for sale, including 44m, 47m, 50m, 58m and 63m. Therefore, whether your project is small or large, you can purchase the suitable machine from our company.

Concrete boom pump for sale is widely used in housing construction, water conservancy construction, tunnel and bridge, road construction, workshop floor, railway bridge and other projects. It is a high-yield and low-cost concrete machinery construction equipment.

29m concrete boom truck
29m boom pump truck machine
concrete boom pump

Model 29m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 55/93
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 29-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 29
Horizontal Distance (m) 24.6
Placing Depth (m) 17

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33m boom concrete truck
33m boom concrete truck
Model 33m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 55/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 33-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 33
Horizontal Distance (m) 33
Placing Depth (m) 22.4

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Advantages of concrete boom pumps

  1. Select high quality materials. The concrete placer boom, sub-frame and other key structural parts are made of high-strength steel plates, whose strength is several times that of ordinary steel plates, making them more safe and durable.
  2. Convenient and quick maintenance system. The manual and automatic lubricator can lubricate the concrete piston and hopper in time, and facilitate the inspection of lubricating oil route.
  3. More intelligent operation. Our boom pressure concrete pump is with remote ignition, shut off function, so that you can start or stop the engine work according to the construction conditions, more convenient and fuel-efficient.
  4. Pump more quickly and efficiently. Our concrete placing pump is equipped with a large diameter conveying cylinder with good suction performance and large pumping flow.
  5. Energy saving control system. This concrete lorry with pumphas the function of one-button switch between high and low pressure, and can choose high or low pressure according to the working condition, which makes the pumping applicability stronger and less easy to block the pipes.
30m machine works in Philippines

30m boom machine philippines
30m boom pump

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Components of the concrete boom pump for sale

A placing boom concrete pump mainly consists of chassis, boom system, pumping system, hydraulic system and electric control system.

There are many different brands of chassis for your selection, such as, ISUZU, HINO, VOLVO, etc. The operator can switch between the driving mode and the pumping mode by operating the operation button in the cab. Then the boom system is mainly used for conveying and distributing concrete, supporting the whole vehicle and ensuring its stability.

In addition, the pumping system is the actuator of the concrete boom pump for sale, used to continuously transport concrete along the conveying pipe to the casting site. This pumping system consists of hopper, the pumping mechanism, the conveying pipe and the lubrication system. The electric control system of the concrete pump lorry for sale is crucial. In order to ensure the normal running of your concrete pump with boom, you need to use the electric control system correctly.

components of concrete pump truck for sale
its components
50m boom truck sale
Model 50m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 75/125
Hopper Capacity (L) 600
Feeding Height (mm) 1400
Placing boom Structure Type 50-6RZ
Max. Placing Height (m) 49.2
Horizontal Distance (m) 45.3
Placing Depth (m) 35.3

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58m concrete boom truck machine
Model 58m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 108/183
Hopper Capacity (L) 600
Feeding Height (mm) 1400
Placing boom Structure Type 58-6RZ
Max. Placing Height (m) 58
Horizontal Distance (m) 54
Placing Depth (m) 41.2

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How does a concrete boom pump work

The working principle of the concrete boom pump truck is simple. The reason why you should learn tits working principle is that it can help you operate the machine smoothly.

When we pack your boom pump truck for you, we can put its detailed flow chart there as well. You can learn its structure in more detail. Of course, the most direct way to learn how it work is to watch a video of it in action. Here are a video about the working of the boom pumps in the site.

Correctly operate a concrete boom truck

Correctly operating a concrete boom pump for sale can not only guarantee its working efficiency, but also protect its parts and prolong its service life. So before operating the machine, the operators need normal training. If you choose our Daswell Machinery, when you receive your concrete boom pumps for sale, we will send our engineers for training your operators and provide you with the operational guidance.

Operators need to be familiar with the technical performance, structure and working principle of the pump boom, improve their technical level, to be able to use, maintenance, inspect and troubleshoot the concrete pumping machine. Moreover, operators should strictly abide by the rules and regulations and boom pressure concrete pump safety operation rules, technical safety rules, and strengthen self-learning in driving operations. After using the concrete boom pump truck for sale, the operators should check and clean the machine, ensuring it in a good condition and its cleanness.

21m mobile pumpcrete
21m pumpcrete machine
work in Philippines

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25m boom truck pump in the sites
building construction of boom pump truck

25m pump truck for sale
25m boom pumping machine
work in site

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Considerate after-sale service

When you look for the concrete boom pump manufacturers, you should consider many aspects about this manufacturer. One of important aspects is its after-sale service. Good manufacturer will provide you better service and help you solve your problems at any time.

Choose our Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd, we promise to provide you with the following services: Inspect the equipment regularly and remind customers to maintain and repair the equipment; The control system is upgraded free of charge for life; After receiving the customer’s equipment maintenance information, reply within 1 hour, send engineers to the site within 1 day, and solve the problem in time; Make regular return visits to customers, and listen to their reviews about our concrete lorry with pump and our service; Within the warranty period, the repair service is provided free of charge.

Besides these service, we also have some value-added services. You can contact us and learn more information.

In summary, if you need a concrete boom pump for sale and you want to get a high quality machine, please don’t hesitate to choose our Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd. We will reply you as soon as possible!

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