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Cone Crusher For Sale

Cone crusher for sale becomes more and more popular in recent years due to its high crushing efficiency and stable performance. The cone crusher plant is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of all kinds of hard ores. Generally speaking, it mainly crushes the material including iron ore, basalt, granite, pebble and so on. Moreover, it plays an important role in metallurgy, construction, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry and other different fields. Whether you want to purchase a single cone crusher or you want to invest in a complete crushing line, you can purchase a suitable machine from our company!

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for sale
multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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Different cone crushers for your reference

From the appearance of the cone rock crusher until now, lots of engineers and cone crusher manufacturers continue to research and upgrade it. So at present, the advantages of cone crusher becomes more and more prominent. Meanwhile, we produce different kinds of cone crusher for sale to meet the demands of different customers.

Considering its mobility, the cone stone crusher includes stationary type and mobile type. For a complete crushing line, the stationary cone crusher is an important part. The mobile cone crusher for sale integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control. Compact design makes it easier to move and transport.

In addition, we have four models for your selection, including compound type (also named Simmons crusher), full hydraulic type, multi-cylinder hydraulic type and single cylinder hydraulic type. Each crusher has their unique advantages and applications. So you need to learn their features before selecting a suitable one. Of course, if you want to pick the right machine easily, you can consult us because we can provide you with more professional advice.

different cone crushers

daswell cone stone crusher machine
daswell cone crushing machine

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Advantages of cone crusher

  1. Safe and reliable operation. Our equipment adopts large diameter spindle and heavy type main frame, which ensures the equipment is durable and reliable in operation. Meanwhile, the independent thin oil lubrication system with multi-point control ensures double protection of bearing lubrication.
  2. High crushing capacity and low cost. The combination of optimizing the crushing chamber shape, reasonable speed and stroke improves the single processing capacity of the equipment. And the production capacity can reach 2,000 tons per hour, thus reducing the production cost.
  3. Lamination crushing, good quality of finished products. Our cone crushing plantcan achieve selective crushing of materials, improve the proportion of fine material and cube content, and ensure the shape and quality of finished products.
  4. Less consumption ofconsumable parts and low operation cost. All parts of our crusher are wear-resistant, reducing maintenance costs to a minimum. Generally speaking, its service life can be increased by more than third percent.
  5. Easy maintenance and simple operation. All parts of the cone crusher equipmentcan be disassembled and maintained from the top or the side. And the moving cone and fixed cone are easy to disassemble and assemble, no need to disassemble the frame and tighten the bolts. Therefore it is more convenient to replace the lining plate daily.
the Daswell cone crusher plant
the cone crusher in factory

What is cone crusher used for?

The main function of our aggregate cone crusher plants to crusher different materials. The benefits of our machine is that it can handle up to 200 kinds of materials. Different crusher machines have different materials suitable for crushing. For example, granite is hard. If you do not choose the right crusher, this material will easily cause machine wear.In this way, it will not only increase your production and operation costs, but also increase your losses from frequent maintenance. At this time, purchasing the static cone crusher is a good choice for you.

You can often find the mobile cone crusher in the following places, construction site, mining site, water conservancy construction, road construction, etc. Our Daswell Machinery cone crushing machine has been exported to many countries, such as, Peru, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Czech Republic, etc. Nowadays, our machines work in the customer’s site and help our customer obtain great profits.

crushing process of cone crushing machine
crushing process of cone crushing machine
wide application of cone rock crusher
wide application

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wide use of cone crusher equipment
work in the construction site

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Cone crusher spare parts

Learning the structure of the cone crusher for sale can not only help you know its working principle quickly, but also make you know the related quick-wear parts. Storing the quick-wear parts can shorten your maintenance times and reduce your loss. So I will introduce its spare parts for you.

The cone crusher parts include feed hopper, hammer head, pad wall, floating bushing, broken wall, big bevel gear, pressure ring, small bevel gear, etc. When you purchase this machine, your mobile cone crusher plant manufacturer will tell you which parts belong to the quick-wear parts and how often you need to change these parts. Of course, you also need to learn how a cone crusher works.

During operation, the rotation of the motor rotates under the forced action of eccentric sleeve through the pulley, coupling, driving shaft and cone, so that the broken wall is sometimes close to or away from the surface of the pad wall. In this way, these ores are constantly impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing chamber, so as to achieve the crushing of materials.

working process of the cone crusher for sale
its working process

transport the cone crusher to abroad

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Choose a suitable cone crusher machine

After learning the basic information about this machine, maybe you are interested in how to pick a right machine for your project. There are some crucial aspects you need to notice.

First of all, choose a suitable type. We have different types of crushers for your selection, so you can tell us your requirements in advance. Then we can recommend you the suitable type. Then, check out the parameters of the cone crusher for sale. Specifically, the parameters include dimensions of inlet and outlet, the production capacity, its motor power, the diameter of the crushing cone and so on. Because these parameters all have an effect on your productivity.

Next, compare different cone crusher price and services. The cone crusher machine price and service are very vital aspects for the customers. So you should compare the quotation and service you can enjoy provided by different manufacturer. Finally, ensure your manufacturer and visit their factory if you are convenient. You also can browse their website to learn more.

In summary, if you need a cone crusher for sale, welcome to contact us and get more detailed information!

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