Concrete Pump Malaysia

Concrete pump malaysia includes concrete mixer pump, trailer concrete pump, concrete boom pump and concrete line pump truck according to their structure and purpose. In addition, customers also can choose different driven engines, namely, diesel engine and electric motor. In the construction site without power supply, in order to meet the needs of high-rise buildings, railways, bridges, mines, tunnels and other field operations, the diesel engine malaysia concrete pump has been continuously improved to more and more meet the different needs of customers. If you want to start your business, investing in a concrete pumping machine is a good choice. Welcome to contact us for more information!

DHBT40 mixing pumpp DHBT40 mixing pumpp
DHBT40 mixer pump machine DHBT40 mixer pump machine
25m boom pump 25m boom pump
25m booming pump 25m booming pump
CPD90 trailer pump machine CPD90 trailer pump machine
CPD60 trailer pumping CPD60 trailer pumping

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Various of concrete pump in Malaysia

Concrete Mixer And Pump

The function of concrete mixer pump in malaysia is to stir and convey the concrete to the construction site. In other words, it combines the functions of concrete mixer and trailer pump. You can produce the concrete at the construction site by using a good concrete mixer and pump. The specifications of our cement mixer pumps include HBT40, DHBT40 and DHBT50. DHBT50 is a new model. It has more pumping capacity and less pipe blockage. So it is more popular.

DHBT50 concrete mixing pump
DHBT50 cement mixer pump
Model DHBT50
Power Diesel engine
Theoretical pumping capacity(m3/h) 45
Theoretical pumping pressure(MPa) 10
Theoretical mixing capacity(m3/h) 15-25
Max. Aggregate Size(mm) 40
Total Weight(kg) 4200
Max. pumping distance(vertical/horizontal)(m) 60/200

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Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer mounted concrete pump usually includes diesel engine and electric motor for your selection. If you transport the manufactured concrete to your construction site, you just need a pumping machine. At this point, the trailer concrete pump is a good choice for you. The pumping capacity of our portable concrete pump malaysia is 30m3/h to 90m3/h.

CPD40 concrete pump malaysia
CPD40 trailer concrete pump
Item CPD40
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 40
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 75
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) 140

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Concrete Boom Pumps

Different from other types of pumps, concrete boom pump trucks have its own chassis. So it can move it without a tow truck. The pumping height of concrete boom pump depends on the lengths of its concrete placing boom. The advantage of concrete boom pumps for sale is that you don’t have to lay pipes before pumping. The lengths of concrete placing boom ranges 22m to 58m.

25m concrete boom pump
25m concrete boom pump
Model 25m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 50/80
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 25-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 25
Horizontal Distance (m) 21
Placing Depth (m) 14.4

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Parameter of Concrete Pump Malaysia

Characters of concrete pump

1. A wide range of applications

Our concrete pumps malaysia can be used in many fields, such as building construction, road projects, water conservancy project, mines projects, etc. Moreover, it can work with others device, like concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck and so on.

2. Easy operation

The concrete pump machine in malaysia can be equipped with wired or wireless remote-control device, which is more convenient for long-distance operation. Furthermore, the operators can learn how to use this machine correctly quickly.

3. High working efficiency and easy maintenance

The electrical components of our concrete pumps are originally imported. So our concrete pump truck malaysia can work more stably. And when something goes wrong with your product, you can easily detect it and remove it.

4. Small investment and quick return

For the customers who want to start a business but don’t have enough budget, the concrete pump is suitable for you. The concrete pump price is not too high. Moreover, when you use it for your project, you can get the profits quickly.

DHBT40 mixer pump
DHBT40 concrete mixer pump in factory
Model DHBT40
Power Diesel engine
Theoretical pumping capacity(m3/h) 40
Pumping power(kw) 52
Theoretical mixing capacity(m3/h) 15
Max. Aggregate Size(mm) Cobble:40 Gravel:30
Total Weight(t) 5.3
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 5000×2150×2450

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30m concrete pump truck malaysia
30m concrete boom pump
Model 29m
Pumping system Max Theoretic Output (High/Low pressure)(m3/h) 55/93
Hopper Capacity (L) 450
Feeding Height (mm) 1450
Placing boom Structure Type 29-4M
Max. Placing Height (m) 29
Horizontal Distance (m) 24.6
Placing Depth (m) 17

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How to help our customers solve their problems?

When you invest in a construction machinery, one thing that you may be concerned with is the after-sale problem. Because you may meet some problems when using the mini concrete pump malaysia, how to help you solve your problems is important. So if you choose our Daswell Machinery, how are we going to solve your problems?

If you come across any problems while using our mobile concrete pump in malaysia, you can call us or send message to us first. After understanding your problem, our engineers will determine the cause of the machine failure and figure out what to do about it. Then, our engineers guide the customer through a phone call or video call.

If the customer’s problem is still not solved by telephone, our engineers will bring relevant parts or tools to the customer’s site, and then help the customer to solve the problem. What’s more, after solving the problem, our engineers will help the customer debug the small concrete mixer with pump in malaysia. Our engineer can’t leave until he is sure that the machine can work properly.

DHBT50 mixing pump machine
DHBT50 concrete mixing pump philippines
transport to site
CPD60 two sets of pumps
two sets of pumps
CPD60 trailer pump
pack this machine
21m mobile pumpcrete
21m mobile concrete pump for sale
work in the site

About our Daswell Machinery

Our Daswell Machinery is a reputable supplier in China, specializing in the research and production of concrete pumping machine. Besides the high-quality product, we also want to our customers to enjoy intimate service. We have a dedicated team of engineers and after-sales service team. They can provide you with good service at any time.

Nowadays, under the influence of the COVID-19, it is not convenient for people to travel among different countries. Therefore, in order to serve our customers better, we set up our branch office in some countries, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Of course, our next plan is to set up our branch office in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, welcome to choose us to purchase a good machine with competitive concrete pump price malaysia.

Any demand for concrete pump malaysia, please don’t hesitate to contact us now! We will be at your service 24 hours a day!

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