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Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile crushing plant is a complete crushing production line, producing good sand and gravel aggregate with high crushing efficiency. Different from stationary type crushing plant, the mobile crushing and screening plant is usually equipped with a movable frame, which is more convenient to move. Buying a crusher plant requires careful research and a close comparison of all available options. More and more business owners prefer to choose the mobile crushing and screening equipment, in order to benefit from more flexibility. As a complete crushing production line, the mobile crushing machine includes crusher machine, vibrating screen, control system, belt conveyor and so on. If you have any need, welcome to contact us and get a quote!

Daswell mobile crushing plant
Daswell mobile crushing plant

components of the mobile crusher station

components of the mobile crushing plant

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Classification of mobile crushing machine

The mobile crusher plant for sale includes different types and specifications. Different customers from different countries have different requirements for this machine. Our Daswell Machinery guarantees that you can purchase a satisfied machine from our company if you choose us.

Depending on the difference of movable frame, the mobile crusher machine includes crawler type and tyre type. The crawler type mobile crusher and screening plant adopts advanced technology and high-quality components, which is more popular among the customers. Moreover, it has the features of stable operation and high cost performance. The features of tyre of mobile crushing equipment is that it significantly improves the crushing ratio and the output of the machine.

In addition, depending on its configuration, the mobile crushing plant for sale includes jaw mobile crusher machine, cone mobile crusher machine, impact mobile crusher equipment, etc. You can choose different crusher device according to different raw materials and different demand for the finished products.

When you ensure the configuration of your mobile crusher plant, you can get the parameters about your plant. You can learn more information through the parameters.

the components of mobile crushing plant for sale
the components of mobile crusher plant
crawler type mobile plant
crawler type

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tyred type mobile crusher plant
tyred type

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Advantages of mobile crusher plants

  1. Easy to move and strong flexibility. It can quickly move to the construction site due to its movable frame, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation cost. Moreover, the mobile crusher for salecan be used to crush materials on site, and it can be moved with the advance of raw material mining, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.
  2. Mobile crusheradopts centralized structural design to reduce floor space, especially suitable for small crushing site, such as construction waste disposal.
  3. Under the same conditions, our mobile crusher has lower energy consumption than ordinary crushers.And we also made a special treatment in environmental protection, not only the whole process of the machine work is sealed, less dust produced, small noise, but also equipped with a professional dust removal and noise reduction equipment, greatly improving the environmental performance of the machine.
  4. Diversified configuration. The mobile crushing stationcan diversified configuration for your selection. If you also need the sand making machine, we also can customize the programs for you.
  5. Wide application. This machine can crusher different hardness and size of materials, such as, construction waste, coal gangue, river pebbles, granite, quartz sand, iron ore, etc. It has wide application on the construction site, road construction and so on.
raw materials of the mobile crusher machine
its raw materials
mobile type crushing equipment
mobile crushing and screening equipment in factory

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Item Models & Specs Quantity Power(Kw)
Main equipment Vibrating feeder ZSW30*90 1 set 7.5
Frame Frame Three axle ship type frame 1 set
Belt conveyor Main belt B800*10m 1 set 7.5
Hydraulic system Hydraulic station Matched 1 set
Cable set
Hydraulic accesso Oil pipe, control valve, radiator, etc…
Electrical system Electric cabinet, etc Main electrical components(Chint/Delex) 1 set

How much does a mobile crusher cost?

You can find lots of mobile crushing plant manufacturers on the market. So you can get different quotations from different manufacturers. As we all know, there are many factors affecting its price. There are two ways helping you get a cost-efficient movable stone crusher. One is that you should take these factors into account. The other is that you need to look for a trustworthy supplier.

There are different combinations of our mobile crushers, which they have different prices. For example, you can choose the single mobile equipment crusher, such as, just jaw crusher mobile plant, impact crusher mobile plant. Of course, you also can choose to use a combination of two crushers. One mobile crushing and screening machine holds the feeder and coarse crusher, and the other holds the medium and fine crusher and screening equipment. Therefore, the price of combination of two crushers is higher than the single crusher price.

In addition, the mobile crusher plant price you choose varies depending on its configuration. The mobile crusher price ranges from several hundred thousand to several million Yuan. We guarantee that you can get a favorable price from our company.

mobile crusher machine
compact structure of mobile plant
crushing machine in production factory
mobile type plant

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crusher mobile plant in producing workshop
in production factory

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Sincere service provided by our Daswell Machinery

Why should you find a reliable manufacturer? That is because you can enjoy many benefits from this manufacturer. When you look for the manufacturer, besides its strengths, you also should consider what kind of service you can enjoy, whether they can help you solve your problem, how to reduce your loss when you have some troubles, etc. As a well-known construction machinery supplier, our Daswell Machinery is a trustworthy company.

If you choose our company, you can enjoy the following service: After receiving your message, our salesman will contact you as soon as possible; They will learn the detailed information about your projects and your requirements, and then they will consult the engineers and work together to design a suitable solution for you; As for the transportation and installation, we will help you choose the most suitable transportation routine. Moreover, our engineers will guide you how to install the movable crusher correctly and quickly; We also teach you some daily maintenance methods to reduce the failure rate.

daswell mobile crusher machine sale
our Daswell plant works in the construction site

cases of mobile crusher equipment
cases of mobile crushing plant for sale

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What should you pay attention to when using this machine?

Paying attention to the following aspects, you can operate your mobile crushing plant better.

First of all, because the phenomenon of vibration occurs when the mobile crusher machine is in operation, so in order to improve its stability, we need to pay attention to the choice of the foundation during the installation. The hard ground is ideal. After making sure that there are no obstacles around to affect the work, the machine is fixed with anchor bolts.

Next, the starting order of the mobile crusher plant for sale is the feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, etc., and the stopping order is the opposite. It should be noted that the equipment should be started or stopped under the condition of no load to avoid the occurrence of foreign matter blocking material.

Finally, in daily maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the wear and tear of each vulnerable part of the equipment, whether it needs to be replaced, whether the bearings need to be cleaned, whether the bolts need to be tightened, etc.

In summary, if you want to invest in a mobile crushing plant, welcome to contact us to inquiry for its price now!

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