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A Set Of 13m Mobile Placing Boom To Chile

The mobile placing boom is popular since it appears on the market. Not long ago, we sent a set of 13m mobile placing boom to Chile. Different from the concrete boom pump, the mobile placing boom doesn’t have the chassis. But is also can move easily.

How can the mobile placing boom walk without the chassis? That is because it has its own towing mechanism, which you can move it from one site to another. If the mobile placing boom needs to be transferred between the short distance of the site, the transfer can be pulled by a tractor. This can save the transportation time. In addition, it also has wide usage on different fields, such as port, beam factory, tunnel, factory building, etc.

HGY13 mobile boom
HGY13 mobile placing boom

HGY13 mobile placing boom machine
HGY13 placing boom

Model MPB11 MPB13 MPB15 MPB17 MPB21
Placing radius(m) 11.2 13 15 17 21
Length of booms(m) 1st section 6.0 3.7 6 6.67 7.95
2nd section 5.2 4.5 5 5.73 6.95
3rd section 4.8 4 4.6 6.1
Application of Booms(°) 1st section -3~86.5 -2~84.4 0~90
2nd section 0~180
3rd section 0~180
Rotation angle(°) 360
Total weight(t) Without counterweight 2.0 2.7 3.2 4.94 5.05
Counterweight 1.6 1.8 2.2 2.1 3.2
Delivery pipe diameter(mm) 125
Length of hose (mm) 2000 3000
Mode of operation Radio Remote/Cable/Panel control
Power(Kw) 4 5.5
Hydraulic pressure(Mpa) 20 22

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Meanwhile, like those construction sites limited by tower cranes or lifting equipment, mobile placing boom is very convenient. And it also is with the characteristics of flexible movement, simple operation, high working efficiency, small environmental pollution and so on. So if you are interested in this mobile placing boom, welcome to contact us for detailed information.

Of course, if you want to get a concrete placing boom with a chassis, you can choose the concrete boom pump. The concrete boom pump mainly consists of concrete placing boom and chassis. Its concrete placing boom is different. You can choose different lengths of placing boom, such as TMBP22, TMBP25, TMBP30, TMBP33, TMBP38, TMBP44, etc. Or you also can consult us to get more advices.

21m boom pump
TMBP22 concrete boom pump
Parameter TMBP22
Whole truck Drive way 4×2
Engine Yuchai
Output power/speed (kw/rpm) 147/2000
Emission standard Euro V
Tire size 9.00R20 16PR
Arm & leg Vertical height (m) 21.9
Horizontal length (m) 18.1
Vertical depth (m)  
Fold type M (three arms)
Rotary angle (°) ±360
Pumping system Theoretical pumping pressure (MPa) Low pressure 8.5
High pressure 10.5
Distribution valve S valve
Delivery cylinder inner diameter/stroke (mm) 200/1200
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.65
Feeding height (mm) 1450
Pipe diameter (mm) 125
Maximum aggregate size (mm) 40

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