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Concrete Pumping Machine – Types and How to Select

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment that continuously conveys concrete using the pipes. With the development of the construction industry, there is a growing demand for concrete pumps. Next, I will briefly introduce the types of concrete pumping machine and how to choose a suitable pump for your project.

Table of Contents

Different types of concrete pumps

According to the different structures and uses of pumps, concrete pumps can be divided into stationary concrete pump, concrete mixer with pump, concrete boom pump and concrete line pump truck.

Stationary concrete pump

A stationary concrete pump is also called a trailer concrete pump because it needs a trailer in front of it to drag it along when it is moving. Its main function is to pump concrete, often working in combination with a concrete mixer truck.

CPD40 stationary pumping
stationary concrete pump

The mixer truck first transports the concrete produced by the concrete mixing plant to the construction site. Then the concrete is unloaded into the hopper of the trailer pump and is transported to the construction site through the pipelines. So, every time before pumping, workers need to lay the pipes first. The trailer pump includes diesel engine type and electric motor for your selection.

Concrete mixer with pump

DMP50 concrete pumping machine
concrete mixer with pump

The concrete mixer with pump is based on the trailer pump with the addition of drum mixer, which integrates the functions of mixing and pumping concrete into one. This makes the concrete mixer pump occupy a small area and save space.

If you need to produce concrete on site, concrete mixing pump is a good choice for you. Like the trailer pump, the concrete mixer pump can also be divided into diesel engine type and electric motor type.

Concrete boom pump

30m concrete pumps
concrete boom pump

Concrete boom pump is also named the concrete pump truck. Unlike the previous two types of pumps, the concrete boom pump is a high-efficiency concrete conveying equipment that integrates driving, pumping and placing. It is composed of a chassis and a placing boom.

It has two advantages, one is with chassis, easy to move and reducing the time of equipment transfer; the second is with placing boom, no manual laying of pipes before pumping concrete, saving manpower and time.

Concrete line pump truck

HBTC60 line pump truck
line pump truck

In simple terms, a concrete line pump truck is a trailer pump mounted on a chassis. When you need to pump a longer distance and want to move your equipment quickly, the advantages of a line pump truck come to the fore.

You can simply choose to buy a line concrete pump truck. Of course, you can also choose to buy a trailer pump and install it on your car chassis yourself. It is the same as a trailer mounted pump in that it also needs that workers lay the pipes before pumping.

How to choose a suitable concrete pump for your projects?

Different types of pumps are suitable for different kinds of projects. If you want to choose a suitable concrete pump, you need to consider these 6 factors together.

  • Max. aggregate size
  • Pumping capacity of concrete pump per hour
  • Theoretical maximum transmission distance
  • The strength of manufacturer
  • The concrete pump price and your budget
  • After-sale service provided by your manufacturer

1. Max. aggragate size

The main reason for considering this factor is to avoid blockage caused by aggregate larger than the diameter of the delivery cylinder. Generally speaking, if you are pumping fine aggregate, you can choose 140mm or 180mm delivery cylinder diameter; if you are pumping large aggregate, you can choose 200mm or 230mm cylinder diameter. If choose a larger cylinder diameter, this will reduce the chance of pipe blockage.

According to our experiments, if you replace the 200mm delivery cylinder with 230mm cylinder, you can reduce the chance of blockage by about 30%.

difference of fine aggregate and corase aggregate

2. Pumping capacity of concrete pump per hour

Different types and models of concrete pumping machines have different pumping capacities per hour. You can have a rough idea about their pumping volume. For example, the theoretical pumping volume of different models of concrete boom pumps ranges from 80 to 180 cubic meters per hour at low pressure, and from 50 to 120 cubic meters per hour at high pressure.

The theoretical pumping capacity of trailer pumps, on the other hand, ranges from 30 to 90 cubic meters per hour. You need to think about the demand for concrete pumping volume for your project.


3. Theoretical maximum transmission distance

Different types of cement pumps can pump concrete at different distances. Taking concrete trailer pumps as an example, the pumping distances of diesel type and electric type pumps are also different. The CPE60 electric pump has a maximum vertical delivery distance of 280m and a horizontal distance of 1200m, while the CPD60 diesel type pump has a maximum vertical delivery distance of 300m and a horizontal distance of 1350m.

Electric concrete pumps are more suitable for areas where the power grid is well laid and the voltage is stable, which requires relatively high power supply. For most rural areas or remote mountainous areas, such conditions may be difficult to achieve. These areas are more suitable for choosing diesel engine concrete pumps.

DMP40 working picture
CPD40 working

4. The strength of manufacturer

When you choose a concrete pump manufacturer, you have two ways. One is that you can ask your local dealer to find a better local manufacturer; the other is that you can search online to find out whether there are reliable manufacturers overseas. It should be noted that you should pay attention to the qualifications of the manufacturer you choose and the relevant customer reviews. Through past customer evaluations, you can determine whether this manufacturer is reliable. Therefore, try to choose those manufacturers with high customer praise.

the pump factory
concrete pump production factory

5. The concrete pump price and your budget

Price is also one of the factors that many customers have to consider when buying a concrete pump. We all know that there are many factors that affect the price of a concrete pump, such as type and model, brand, shipping costs, etc.

If you want to buy a concrete pump from a very well-known brand manufacturer, then you may receive a higher quote because the cost of its machine will be higher due to factors such as the brand promotion of this manufacturer.

But on the contrary, if the same machine, you receive a particularly low quote, then you need to consider its qualit. So, when considering the price of the machine, you also need to pay special attention to the quality of the machine. In the case of ensuring that different manufacturers of machines with the same accessories and can provide the same performance, choose a cost-effective machine.

6. After-sale service provided by your manufacturer

Last but most importantly, you need to consider the after-sales service that your chosen manufacturer can provide. For machinery, it is inevitable that there will be some problems in the process of use. If a manufacturer can send someone to fix your machine in time when it breaks down, this will greatly reduce the downtime of your machine and your losses.

It would be great if this manufacturer had a corresponding office in your country. Because it will be more convenient for them to help you solve the problem. And they can also provide you with regular maintenance services.

install DMP50
install concrete pump
customers and engineers
customers and engineers
debug CPD40 concrete pump
debug the CPD40

Overall, there are many factors to consider in order to choose a right concrete pump. And, when you have a different type of project, your concerns for buying a pump will be different.

For example, you are building an underground garage, which does not have high requirements for pump outlet pressure, etc. In this case, you may be more concerned about how many cubic meters of concrete this pump can pump per hour;

While when you need to pump concrete to a height of 100 meters, which has higher requirements for pump outlet pressure, you may be more concerned about whether this pump can pump such a high height, rather than how much it can pump per hour.

So, when you need to buy a concrete pumping equipment and you do not know how to choose, you can also find an expert who is more familiar with the pump to give you some relatively professional advice.


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