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Transport A Set Of Concrete Reclaimer To Ireland

Congratulations! A set of concrete reclaimer has been exported to Ireland successfully. Some customers may not know much about this machine. It is the core equipment in the concrete recovery system.

As its name suggests, the concrete reclaimer is mainly used for cleaning the sewage in the concrete mixer truck and the separation and recycling of sand and stone in the residual concrete. It has the features of simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and so on. Here are some transportation pictures for you!

the concrete reclaimer to the Ireland
the concrete reclaimer to Ireland

the daswell concrete reclaimer
transport concrete reclaimer to Ireland

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A brief introduction to the concrete reclaimer

The concrete reclaimer is mainly used to solve the pollution problem of concrete. It is mainly composed of feed tank, mixing separator, water supply system, screening system and other parts. After the residual concrete and water enter the tank, the circulating water is continuously injected at the same time. Under the impact of the water flow, the mixed slurry enters the separator with the water to fully clean the residual concrete.

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